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1.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H G Wells walked into a library and asked for a book on Time Travel. "Bugger off"said the librarian, "you didn't bring i... more

2.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H.o.m.e.w.o.r.k Half of my energy wasted on random knowledge... more

3.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H.o.m.e.w.o.r.k Half of my energy wasted on random knowledge . :)... more

4.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H2O is water and H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide. What is H2O4? Drinking... more

5.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H2O is water. H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide. What is H2O4? Drinking and bathing.... more

6.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H: "Whatcha doing?" Me: "Going on twitter to hang out." H: "Twitter is an app, not a place." Me: *whispers venomously* "... more

7.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H: Do you like carpet or prefer it bare? M: I'm OK with a little carpet of she shaves the rest H: We're talking about fl... more

8.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H: Gross! Stop peeing in the shower! Me: Why? Everybody pees in the shower. H: Yeah but you're not in it right now, I am... more

9.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H: I don't understand what goes on in your head. Me: If you prefer, I can quit twitter and just tell you all of this. H:... more

10.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H: I think we should see other people. Me: Do I have to? I don't even really want to see you.... more

11.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H: Is there anything new you want to try in bed? M: Actually... *stretches out alone in bed, sleeps for 8 hours* M: That... more

12.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H: So what's the worst thing you've ever seen someone do? Me: I watched a mother buy her son a harmonica.... more

13.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H: Well, the remote was definitely broken, so I went and bought a new one. Me: H: Oh, and it came with this 75" televisi... more

14.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H: What is that you're having for lunch? Me: fruit salad H: That's funny, it looks like a sangria. Me: huh, weird *sips... more

15.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H: You look nice. Me: I'm meeting one of my Twitter friends today. H: So you want your picture on the evening news to be... more

16.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
H:"Where'd you get those shoes?" Me:"I've had these for years. Is that a new grill I saw?" H:"Nope just cleaned the old... more

17.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Ha - mildly amusing Haha - funny Hahaha - sarcastic laugh Hahahaha - stayin' alive... more

18.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Ha ha A little bit ask his mom for a quarter she said for what he said for being good she said why don't you be good for... more

19.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Ha ha! Clinton-Dix... more

20.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Ha ha! OH, HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED! "dude, are you gonna do this every time you rearrange the furniture"... more

21.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Ha ji, kuch arz kiya hai | Shayeri joke sms... more

22.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Ha Long is many Dongs... more

23.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Ha! Major typo on page 28 of the new iTunes agreement. Anyone else catch that?... more

24.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
HA! [That's close enough.](http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/downloads/ie-9/worldwide-languages)... more

25.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Ha, ha ha... wow. What do you get when you mix tea and a dogs name? A dinosaur! Ha ha get it? Tea-rex? Hahaha...... more

26.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Ha, I told my brother that carbon had seven protons and he believed me. He was mean to me when we were kids.... more

27.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Haaha What do you call a cheap circumcision? A rip off.... more

28.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Hacked again! Sometimes I wish I never grew up on 12,345,678th Street with a dog named Password.... more

29.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Hacker 1: She wrote her password recovery questions. H2: So? H1: "Fav Law of Thermodynamics?" There's more than one? H2:... more

30.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Hackgate: Patriots hacked Seattle headsets and knew they were going to throw the ball.... more

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