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1.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M R Ducks Person 1: M R Ducks. Person 2: M R Not. Person 1: O S A R. C M Wangs? Person 2: L I B. M R Ducks! My grandmoth... more

2.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M R ducks. M R not ducks. O S A R, C D E D B D wings? L I B, M R ducks.... more

3.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M$ forever! [oneliner] The day Microsoft makes a product that doesn't suck, is the day they make a vacuum cleaner.... more

4.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M&Ms should change their packaging. They should make it a white wrapper.... more

5.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M'eal *tips waiter*... more

6.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M'lady, What is the most beautiful thing in the world? Is it your right thigh, or your left? Or does the answer lie some... more

7.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M-I can't go. My Ewok is sick. H-Gigi that's a stuffed animal. M- H- M-Crap. I think you're right. I bet he ate all my D... more

8.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M.C. Escher goes into an ou so s W.... more

9.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M.C. Escher walks into a bar forever.... more

10.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M.C. Escher was born on this day in 1898. Although if you study the timeline of his life, it also looks like he was born... more

11.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M.Night Shamaylan Joke When you go to a regular movie, a friend asks you "so how good was the movie?" When you go to an... more

12.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M: Are you gonna eat that baby? Lady: What!!?! Go away you Sick-O' M: Sorry! I saw you putting it on Instagram & figured... more

13.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M: Come to bed... Her: I have a headache M: You're a robot! H: M: H: ...SELF DESTRUCT [BOOM] M: Nice try but you're stil... more

14.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M: HEY, DID YOU REMEMBER CONDOMS? H: FFS, use your inside voice M: *whispers* did you remember condoms? H: can this wait... more

15.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M: I can't access Twitter IT: We blocked twitter M: What am I supposed to do with this computer now? IT: Work? M: Who hu... more

16.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M: I rear-ended some girl today W: Oh how much damage to her car M: Car?... more

17.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M: If I cashew looking through my windows agai- H: What? M: I saw you pecan! H: No, I wasn- M: You're macadamian me mad.... more

18.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M: If my chip:salsa ratio isn't perfectly even, I will burn down this restaurant, I swear to God. H: This is our house.... more

19.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M: Um, you just spelled "qwerty" as "querty". H: So? M: Look at the keyboard. H: And? M: [Breaking fourth wall look to c... more

20.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M: What do you want for dinner? H: I don't care, you decide M: Sushi? H: No, but whatever. M: Mexican? H: Nah, but your... more

21.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
M:$50 on the ginger with face tattoos H: Ma'am those aren't tattoos, they're freckles and you can't bet on a 6th grade s... more

22.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Ma'am, I never said your baby is ugly. In fact, I have not even seen it. However, the aardvark in your stroller is adora... more

23.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Ma'am, your son is dead. Why, what happened, officer? He wasn't white and that wasn't right, we found he was black, and... more

24.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Ma'am...we're going to have to ask you to get off of the table. Ma'am... (me, trying to cuddle with my bacon cheese frie... more

25.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Mac & Cheese doesn't contain many vitamins, so it's important you always eat a bunch of it.... more

26.   Category: Fishing jokes  0 stars
MacAndrews was visiting his Irish cousin, OBannon. While there he decided to do a bit of fishing. As he sat there on aft... more

27.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Macaroni Grill closed four locations here. I suspect the tendency of macaroni to fall through the grill had a lot to do... more

28.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Macbeth Joke Lady Macbeth: Out damned spot! The dog named Spot: Ruff ruff ruff. [Exeunt/Leaves] Spot (Aside): Wow, I won... more

29.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Macbeth.docx That's a play on word... more

30.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Maced a hobo who started pulling cables out of my computer at work. Turned out to be the hipster IT guy and now I'm in H... more

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