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O. J. Simpson When O. J. Simpson's kids wanted to go out and play, what did he tell them? "Go axe your mother."... more

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Oatmeal shouldn't get to have the word "meal" in it. How about oatsnack? Or oatbullshit?... more

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OB-GYN My uncle is a very accomplished OB-GYN. He is also incredibly humble, when asked what he does for a living, he ca... more

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Obama : The people are worried Hillary is not focused.... How is her head currently??? Bill Clinton: Well she's no Monic... more

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Obama and Bush walk into a bar... ...Clinton ducked.... more

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Obama and Jesus What's the difference between Obama and Jesus? Jesus could at least make a cabinet.... more

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Obama and Putin are fighting over a phone charger. You might even say they're in a power struggle.... more

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Obama bans hiring bias against ex-cons seeking federal jobs He was quoted as says, "well, we politicians need somewhere... more

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Obama calls Putin and asks abut his Thanksgiving. Putin: Turkey is about to be cooked.... more

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Obama calls Putin Obama: "Hey! What are you going to have for Thanksgiving dinner?" Putin: "Turkey"... more

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Obama could eat children alone under a bridge hunched over like Gollum in a thunder storm and he'd still be better than... more

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Obama has been endorsed by Warren Buffett, Colin Powell, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Romney has been endorsed by Lin... more

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Obama has suspended fund raising activities In light of Mitt Romney's recent statements to the press, President Obama ha... more

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Obama in Berlin joke President Obama in Berlin outlining that maybe massive walls and state spying are not so bad after... more

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Obama is a cashier and you give him a $10 bill for a $9.97 item. What do you say to him? Keep the change it doesn't real... more

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Obama is a lot like college Everyone wants four more years, but nobody wants to pay for it.... more

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Obama is an obamanation. That is all.... more

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OBAMA IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS!! ME: OMG *clutches guns* [7 years later] ME (frustratedly checking my watch): This guy is... more

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Obama is in a sinking ship. Who gets saved? America... more

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Obama is the epitome of why Americans are so racist Just another soon-to-be unemployed black man, evicted from his house... more

21.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Obama is the first president to visit a federal prison. Hes also the first black man to be let OUT of a federal prison... more

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Obama is visiting India! Indian government has installed 15000 CCTV cameras. Come on! Just cause he is Black, he won't s... more

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Obama just said that no one is listening to our phones..I wonder if he realizes that the LAST thing we do with our phone... more

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Obama keeps trying to get me to kiss this top secret document from Syria but I keep telling him I'm not the kinda guy wh... more

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Obama looks rough after the last 8 years in office. Still better than JFK after 2.... more

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Obama played the race card, Hillary played the gender card But America played the Trump Card... more

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Obama proved a black man can even be president.. And that no matter how high up a black man gets he can't get out of gov... more

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Obama ran around the whitehouse with Biden. Their total time was 9:48. When they had finished Biden said "Hey Barack, di... more

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Obama said our ship has come in. We're just now realizing it was hardship.... more

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