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1.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
V8 What kind of sexually transmitted disease can you get from an octopus?... more

2.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
VA Nurse joke What is the difference between a VA nurse and a bullet? * A bullet can draw blood * A bullet can be fired... more

3.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vacationing in Switzerland "So did you enjoy the beautiful scenery?" "I couldn't really see much because of the mountain... more

4.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vacations are a great way to spend thousands of dollars to stare at your phone in exotic locations.... more

5.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vaccinated kids will get this... Autism.... more

6.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vaccination awareness is rising Last night I saw a young man vaccinate himself behind a dumpster... more

7.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vaccine to cooties 4chan... more

8.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vaccines are an inside jab.... more

9.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vaccines comes from doctors --> Doctors are part of Obamacare --> Vaccines are BAD #Bible #AmericanSniper... more

10.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vacuum the cat, its easier than vacuuming his hair from the whole house... more

11.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vacuumed a section of carpet 20 times before I realized I was trying to clean up a patch of sunshine. Intellectual power... more

12.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vacuuming My vacuum cleaner sucks!... more

13.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vader: "I am your father." Luke: "I am your father." Vader: "Stop copying me." Luke: "Stop copying me." Vader: "Shut up.... more

14.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vader: I AM your father. Luke: Why are you telling me this now? Vader: Luke: Vader: I need a kidney.... more

15.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vader: I'll teach you the Death Star's power Leia: By blowing up my planet? Vader: By showing you a PowerPoint presentat... more

16.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vader: Remove my helmet so I can see you with my own eyes. Luke: OK. Vader: On second thought, don't. I have 30 years wo... more

17.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vagina jokes are not funny Period.... more

18.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vagina jokes are not funny! Period.... more

19.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vagina jokes are not funny, Period... more

20.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vagina jokes are not funny... Period.... more

21.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vagina jokes aren't funny period... more

22.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vagina jokes aren't funny Period.... more

23.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vagina jokes aren't funny. Period.... more

24.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vagina jokes aren't funny... Period.... more

25.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vagina Knock-Knock Joke Knock knock Who's there? Marquis de Sade Marquis de Sade who? It's taking too long for you to de... more

26.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vagina Steak (nswf) Today my husband asked me if my vagina was "medium well" yet? Pink but not bloody.... more

27.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vagina- jokes are not funny... Period!... more

28.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vaginas are like the weather If its wet, its time to go inside.... more

29.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vaginas are like weather. When it's wet, it's time to go inside... more

30.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Vaginas are living proof... That beauty truly does lie on the inside.... more

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