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1.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
W T F After Tuesday, even the calender goes W T F.... more

2.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
W.I.F.E Will Investigate & Find out Everything... more

3.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Waana hear a joke? Women's Rights.... more

4.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Waddya get if you mix Canadian Club and Southern Comfort? What you most assuredly deserve... more

5.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait - my gym moved? In 1997?... more

6.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait ... "El Chapo" is a Mexican drug lord .... and not the guy who's been stealing our Chapsticks for years ?... more

7.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait a minute... Computer! Freeze this porn video! Now, zoom in 900%. Enhance... Enhance... Rotate 360 ... There! NO WED... more

8.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait a sec...That's not how the proverb goes! A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. But once it breaks, you hav... more

9.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait a second ... Water parks have restrooms ... For what?!... more

10.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait a second, so violence is an actual resort? That place sounds wonderful.... more

11.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait come back, I didn't mean it when I was just being myself... more

12.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait I had a really good joke about amnesia...... more

13.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait in a dressing room until an employee comes to ask if they can help. Answer yes, pause, then say, "But I need to be... more

14.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait just a minute! You're not Jennifer Aniston! Oh, you got me with that avi. Well played. I knew it was to good to be... more

15.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait so does Smashing Pumpkins refer to destroying pumpkins or are they just super good pumpkins in England... more

16.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait til the people so excited about all-day breakfast at McDonald's find out they can make breakfast at home whenever t... more

17.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait till the hamburglar finds out about money... more

18.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait what do you mean Jesus loves me? Did he say something to you? OMG I'm freaking out right now tell me his exact word... more

19.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait you *must* be the aunt I've heard soooo much about. The one who looks like Freddie Mercury and laughs like a jackal... more

20.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait you misunderstood. When I called you "doll face," I was referring to Chucky.... more

21.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait! What?! The subway is flooded? WHAT ABOUT THE NINJA TURTLES?! *prays*... more

22.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait, 12 years a slave isn't about marriage?... more

23.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait, Australia is 14 hours ahead of America? Thanks for the 9/11 warning!... more

24.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait, Fellatio isn't a flavor of ice cream?!... more

25.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait, I forget, what's the national pastime? Is it baseball or worrying about Jennifer Aniston's happiness?... more

26.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait, is Obama our second black President or our first black President again?... more

27.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait, so hallways in mental institutions aren't called psychopaths? Well they should be.... more

28.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait, so if I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior I get to spend all of eternity with people like Mike Huckabee? Lol. Har... more

29.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait, so pooping on the entire rim of a toilet, closing the seat over it, and calling it a "Devil's Oreo" ISN'T a thing?... more

30.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Wait, so when couples are in custody battles it's to KEEP the kids? #WTF... more

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