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X = Y The teacher asked the student, "If x=y, what is x?" The student answered, "y?" The teacher replied, "why not?"... more

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X is a sign of the times But if you're in excel, it's *... more

3.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
X is An Independent Variable That don't need no Y.... more

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X post from meanjokes: michael schumacher regained consciousness today, have your heard how the doctors did it? They sat... more

5.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
X says to Y : "i feel so close to you, i feel like zero divides us"... more

6.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
X used to mark the spot but.. fuck waiting for you to get it on your own X gon deliver to you... more

7.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
X-post from /r/christianity t... more

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X-post from r/jokes: "Hey! The dog you sold me yesterday just fell over and died today!" "Huh, strange. He's never done... more

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X-post from r/jokes: Mommy! I found a $10 bill today, but I threw it away, cus it was fake. "Oh, how did you know it was... more

10.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
X-rays are dangerous, they were probably less harmful when they were just rays, but after the breakup...... more

11.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
X/y If Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner were to go missing, would they put his/her picture on a half n half carton?... more

12.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
X: I hate when the cat just stands like that, frozen. Why does he do that? Me: He's on paws. X: ... Me: On... paws. X:... more

13.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Xanax, keeping moms from dropping their kids off at an orphanage since 1981.... more

14.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Xanax: For Hispanic attacks.... more

15.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Xbox and PlayStation get into a fight. Call the ambulance. Wii U Wii U Wii U.... more

16.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Xbox exclusive games... more

17.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Xbox One and PS4 Get into a car crash... And here comes the ambulance "WIIUWIIUWIIUWIIUWIIU"... more

18.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Xbox One down! PS4 Down! Get an ambulance! Wii U! Wii U! Wii U!... more

19.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Xerox and Wurlitzer are going to merge... They're going to market reproductive organs.... more

20.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Xerxes I is the most successful carpet dealer. He went to the West with a million Persians and came home with only a han... more

21.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
XM radio suddenly went to the hospital It's in Sirius condition.... more

22.   Category: Short jokes  0 stars
Xmas Russian Roulette: 1. Sit next to parents. 2. Type any letter into browser on your laptop. 3. Go to the website it a... more

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Xperia M2 dual my sony xperia m2, hanging so much after updating this new year, even when using facebook and making a ca... more

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